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The imaginatively titled ‘Keeping Chickens Newsletter’ is a free backyard chickens magazine that can be read online (or downloaded as a pdf to be viewed or printed offline) and aims to be a source of information and entertainment for the chicken enthusiast – i.e. anyone who has ever kept, or even looked into, keeping chickens!

The success of the Keeping Chickens Newsletter (2017 is our tenth year of publication!) is in large part due to our wonderful subscribers from all over the world who send in their coop photos, stories and other poultry related bits and pieces each month. I don’t think any of us would say we were chicken ‘experts’ but the combined knowledge and sharing of experiences has proved to be both entertaining and educational.

We are a group of chicken keepers from all over the world so whether you are keeping chooks in Australia, hen keeping in your UK garden or raising backyard chickens in the USA we would love to have you join our community and share ideas, tips and experiences through the newsletter.

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    The keeping Chickens Newsletter is a free online magazine which has been published on a monthly(ish) basis since 2007 and is filled with photos, tips and stories from subscribers all over the world. To subscribe (and also get access to all the past issues) just enter your name and email in the form above.

    Chicken Rearing 101
    Nola Kelsey : Pullet parenthood is as much of an adventure as child rearing, only with more feces per pound of body weight. However, I’ve been reading quite a bit on poultry matters. [Yes, my coolness just turned over in its grave.] So if I am correct and I am quite certain I am not, this is how chicken rearin’ goes. Click To Read More

    Chicken Bailout Plan

    Marva L. Weigelt : Before you jump to conclusions, let me assure you that extravagant executive bonuses will not be a concern; the Happiest Chicken CEO (fondly known as Big Mama, No Feathers or less respectfully as Mother Clucker) doesn’t even get a salary, let alone an annual bonus. Click To Read More

    Puppy Sitting Pullet

    Willie & Barbara Bell : When the both of them are away from the pups, she eating or drinking, the bitch outside resting, and the pups start to yap the hen would go to their aid or if we were to walk toward the stall when she is out she would rush ahead of us to protect the pups. Click To Read More

    The Dangers Of Heat Lamps
    Kristi : I’ve enjoyed reading your newsletter and seeing the great stories, tips, and photos your readers share. I have a tragic story that I want to share with your readers in hopes that it doesn’t happen to anyone else. Click To Read More

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    “Thank you so very much! This is another GREAT newsletter! You have a splendifferous online pubblication.” Joseph Nowell

    “Great newsletter! Fantastic photos and stories. I especially liked the “portable coop” story – great ideas in there!” Julia Kelly

    “Gina-I just had to email and let you know how much I enjoy the newsletter! Honest to god everything comes to a halt until I get to go through it page by page.” Kim Mattson

    “Thank you once again for a wonderful, witty and informative newsletter.”TJReiki

    “I am just dashing off this note to tell you how GREAT a job you are doing, providing a warm hearth for lovers of chickens…” Bill Rose

    “I really appreciate all your news letters. I am very new at keeping chickens and your input has been brilliant. Keep them coming, I am eternally grateful.” Love Sara xxxxxxxxxxxx

    “I’m so excited to have found your newsletter. I am a novice and am reading everything I can find. I am starting to work on a coop and nesting boxes but wont order chicks until the spring. I’m especially interested in finding creative ie: inexpensive nesting box ideas. I’m starting off small and dont want to invest alot until we see if the chickens like the way we raise them! LOL” Bonnie

    “Just read the newsletter and wanted to write and tell you what a joy it is. It’s been a year since we started receiving it and it’s grown tremendously. I can tell you put your heart into it and I am very proud to receive it.” Jennifer McLaughlin

    “I want to thank you for your very informative newsletter. I signed up recently and have had a great time reading through the back issues, I especially enjoy the photos send in by your readers of their chickens and coops.” Barb Gates

    “As always, a great newsletter. Thank you so much for all of the information we get from it. We have enjoyed the chickens so much that we put in an order for more. My husband calls them his girls. It is rather funny, if you knew him like I do you would see the humour in it. We are so glad that we found your site!!!!” Amy Fletcher

    Hi Gina, “I really enjoy your newsletter, even though I have no chickens – we are not allowed to raise them in my town. Nevertheless, I so enjoy the lovely chicken pictures and I get a lot out of the informations. We had chickens when I was a child, and maybe one of these days, I’ll have my own. Till then, I’ll just read your newletter. Keep up the good work!” Marianne

    Hi Gina, I like your newsletter. It is interesting and very informative. I appreciate all your hard work.” Sincerely, Joe Johnson

    “Thank you so much!!! I’m really enjoying reading!!!” Jodie

    “Thanks so much for the newsletter. I find it very fun and informative to read. I’m starting out new – building a coop, nesting boxes, brooding box, etc. I hope to have 6 pullet chicks soon. I’ll probably have some questions later. Thanks!” Randy