Common Sense In The Poultry Yard

Having raised a few backyard chickens some 30 years earlier J.P. Haig found himself with an 11 acre plot and a need to make it earn some extra income if he wished to continue living on it. His plan was to raise some chickens and sell the eggs...

By his 3rd season he had 1,126 hens in the laying yards; 439 young pullets, and between 700 and 800 young chickens - and had produced 9,683 dozen eggs that year!

Keeping chickens isn't all plain sailing and J.P had his fair share of problems when building up his egg business, but one of the interesting things about keeping chickens is all the different ways people find to deal with the same problem. For instance, J.P.'s solution to his rat problem involved building a 'rat castle'.

It worked for him; he ridded himself of 157 rats in one night, but I'm not sure building a 'castle' for rats is something I would want to do ;-)

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