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January 2012 Vol. 1

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January 2012
Vol. 1

Irene : regarding the gentleman who's vet wouldn't look at his sick chicken, I thought you'd like to hear my experience. My hen had sour crop, though I didn't realise it at the time. I telephoned my vet and asked how much would a consultation for a hen be and this is what I was told. 'Its £25. We can't promise we'll know what's wrong with your hen as they're not our area of expertise'. Now I fully accept that vets can't possibly know about every animal, and that was part of the reason I rang them. What amazed me was that reading between the lines what they were actually saying to me was. 'We don't know anything about hens but bring her along and we'll gladly take your cash.' After some ringing around I've since changed my vet. My new vet charged £10 for the consultation, she was given a good check over, an injection and I was given tablets and something to put in the water for 7 days. The entire bill only came to £19 and he spent time on her. Unfortunately I feel that in these days there are some vets who are only in it for the money. Gone are the good old days when they cared about their patients and the owners. Irene

Lida : Hi Gina, Wanted to wish you a great holiday season. Here is a picture of our coop that our daughter decorated for Christmas. We have three hens, Mary Ann, Ginger and Mrs. Howell. We are the first in the neighborhood to have chickens and the neighbors with their children and grandchildren come over to see and pet them. We try to let them out every afternoon to roam the neighbor and explore and feed on the insects and grasses. Since its been warm here in Mass, the light that we installed in their coop has attracted moths and it is fun to watch them as they catch them in flight towards the light. We are still receiving 3 eggs a day even though the days are shorter...Keep up the good work with your newsletter as it always brings a smile to our faces!! Lida & Bruce Benoit. Raynham, MA

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