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January 2012 Vol. 1

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January 2012
Vol. 1

Mark : My beautiful lady (+her son Cody)..and I live on Mount Tambourine, QLD, AUST. It is 40km from the coast and 600m above sea level. It is a spectacular part of our planet and we love living here. I am a high school science teacher and Fleur owns the local fairy shop here. We bought a lovely house here two tears ago and I built a chicken run. We have 5 white leghorns, 2 red leghorns, 2 Aracarnas, 1 isa brown and 5 "bond brown" pullets. I have come to love chickens sooo much that I have bought an incubator and am about to start brooding over 12 Black Australorps and 12 Barnvelders. Maybe I've gone chicken mad...everyone should have chooks..everywhere..I have attached a pic of our girls in our misty backyard..due to the proximity to the ocean and the elevation..we literally live in the clouds. Best wishes and thanks again. Mark n Fleur n Cody.....

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