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January 2012 Vol. 1

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January 2012
Vol. 1

They love their afternoon free range time in our garden and greet us at their yard door by talking to us knowing they will be let out. We give them crumbs of whole wheat bread and they appreciate it by talking to us. We love to watch them bask in the sun of a dry sandy place and wander through the woods around the house. Our dog a Jack Russell loves them too and keeps the predators away. She is white with some black and from far away looks like one of the chickens. They go to their coop when the sun is going down.

We have recently insulated their coop with heavy sheets of cardboard - nailed on with roofing nails. Do you have any suggestions for added warmth in the coop to keep the water from freezing? We tried a lamp down in a large metal bucket, on a timer, but the small amount of light at night, we felt, distressed them.

My Reply : Another way to keep the water from freezing is to heat it from underneath. There are heated waterers sold for poultry and heated dog water bowls are also often used in small flocks (apparently can be cheaper/easier to get hold of as they are often sold in places such as walmart). Obviously you have to be careful with outdoor electricity and water but it is quite a common home-made poultry item. Some people fit a bulb inside a wooden box, others under a ceramic plant pot or inside an old cookies tin etc. One subscriber in the January 2010 issue described how he makes his water heater here :

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