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January 2012 Vol. 1

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January 2012
Vol. 1

Minna : Is it possible to have a chicken that never lays eggs? We've gone through the checklist of things that would cause a chicken to stop laying eggs and haven't been able to find a cause. She is a very healthy and happy chicken. Attached are a few pictures of our 1 year old silver laced wyandotte (born 9/2011). She did lay a few rubber eggs in the beginning but then stopped permanently. I'm starting to think some hens never lay eggs. What do you think? Though I should mention she was attacked by a juvenile mountain lion 4 months ago. At the time she was molting so the cat couldn't get a good hold. We were outside with the dog within seconds and was able to successful scare it away. She had only a minor scratch and missing a pile of feathers. She is a lucky chicken.

My Reply : It is possible to have a chicken that won't lay eggs due to some issue with their internal workings - it may also be that some internal damage was done when she was attacked. Stress is one major cause of stopping laying and so the attack would certainly count as 'stress'. Nutrition, parasites, and illness can also affect egg laying.

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