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January 2012 Vol. 1

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January 2012
Vol. 1

Judy : Hi Gina Just finished reading your enjoyable newsletter. I can help the lady who wondered how the rooster knew when to start mating with a young hen. They go by the colour of the hens comb. When mature a hens comb is bright red, before that it's pink. So when a chicken is ready to start laying eggs her comb turns from pink to red and at that time the rooster will start mating with her. It's great to see how many people really enjoy their chickens. Judy from Ontario, Canada.

Lin Harris : I've been around horses all my life and have applied some stall-keeping habits with my 24 hens. I "pick" the manure about every other day, especially under the roosts. Their coop is bedded deep (about 8") with pine shavings and the perfect tool is a small rake and handled pan that's intended for removing dog droppings from the yard. Plus it's easy on my back. It's simple to dump each pan full into a muck bucket which I empty under the pine trees that love the acidity from the chicken litter. My coop never has an odor, the nesting boxes stay cleaner and a small amount of new shavings are required every 2-3 weeks.

Julie : Just wanted to share that my little pekin bantum MrsBuff, buff by name and buff by colour, was sitting on my shoullder for one hour preening whilst I did my email yesterday, surreal but lovely. All the best and happy new year to all the chicken lovers out there.

Cindy : In response to Cheska's chickens eating her eggs. We read (probably here) adding golf balls to their nests and more egg checks helps to break them from this bad habit. We tried it and it really worked. Thank you Gina for all you do!

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