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January 2012 Vol. 1

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January 2012
Vol. 1

Jill : I look forward to your wonderful, informative newsletter every month. This is our first try at chicken rearing, and we're doing much better than Nola .... way too funny !! Our 21 girls are New Hampshire's, Golden Comets and Araucanas. All are overly friendly, love sitting on our laps, come running for petting time and are producing about 18 eggs a day. We have one hen that has gone broody, now named Ms. Crabby, but we leave her alone now after trying to break her twice. She'll get over it sooner or later!! (Hopefully!! )

Here's some pics of the girls and some whopper eggs. We know that one little Comet is laying an extra, extra large size and really can't figure out how she does it!! Our girls are experiencing their first winter in Northern Wisconsin. The coop is fully insulated, well ventilated and they have a fenced outdoor run...but we found out they are not too fond of snowstorms! The girls are very smart, but haven't made any snowchickens yet!! Thanks for a great source of information, Jill & Mark Tomahawk,WI

Ten Acres Enough
How A Very Small Farm May Be Made To Keep A Very Large Family

Ten Acres Enough is a self-sufficiency classic written by Edmund Morris, and is his personal story of his journey from city businessman to farmer. In this book Edmund details the first 3 years of his 'back to the land' experience; how he selected the land, what he chose to grow, the animals he raised, planning and managing his fully stocked kitchen garden and the layout of his fields. He also passes along many tips for planting and growing his selection of fruits and vegetables as well as sharing his experiences with cows, pigs and chickens. He explains honestly what worked for him and what did not.


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