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November 2011 Vol. 2

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November 2011
Vol. 2

Christy and Patrick : Saying of the day. "Hey Ma.....SEE it SAYS 30 on the invoice, do ya think they sent 5 roosters for warmth or as freebies?"

Brenna : Question for you - my very naughty dog caught one of my almost year old barred rock hens this weekend. She has a wound above her left shoulder. She is doing fine otherwise, I treated her with some homeopathics for Trauma/Stress and she bounced right back. She is eating, grazing with the others and still laying and egg a day. As far as the wound her feathers are covering it so none of the others know it is there, so they are not pecking at her. I remember as a kid my mom had a deep blue/purple spray she would put on the chickens when they got injured. This is was maybe an antibiotic of some kind. Mom can't remember what it was or where she got it. Any ideas or suggestions would be GREAT. Yes, the dog is grounded and is no longer allowed outside her fenced in back yard. Thanks, I appreciate any assistance you may be able to provide.

My Reply : I'm not sure if it would be the same product your mum used but there is an antiseptic/anti peck spray called blue kote which is blue and for healing wounds and preventing pecking (the blue colour disguises any red/blood which would normally attract pecking). It (and similar products) can often be found stocked in feed stores etc. but you may also be able to purchase it online.

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