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November 2011 Vol. 2

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November 2011
Vol. 2

Jodie : I am Jodie from Australia. I was reading your November 2011 Vol 1 newsletter and saw the photos from Pam Rampmaier. I am so jealous. I would love to have a coop as big and gorgeous. I have a small back yard. We have a pool and small grassed area about the same size as the pool. With a Great Dane in the yard whose urine kills the grass and a very house proud husband something had to the grass had to go and we got imitation grass. His heart is in the suburbs and mine the land. With Marriage there is compromise. I got my chooks (the Dane is mine too) I get a small area of the back yard I can do as I please. The area would be 5 metres by 1 metre (very small indeed). Pam you are a very lucky lady 1. to have a husband who would make it for you and 2. to have such a fabulous coop. This is a photo of my dane and Penny the braver chicken. They free range on the retaining wall as it is the only garden in the yard. They are happy there as they are the same height as the dog.

a frame chicken coop design
How To Make A Poultry House and Run

Traditional Poultry Ark and Run design.


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