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November 2011 Vol. 2

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November 2011
Vol. 2

Chickens Versus Poultry
By Kate Perkinson Howard

When Jack and Betty first were wed
And settled down in life,
He bought a pretty bungalow
For his pretty little wife.

When they were fairly settled
Down in this cozy spot,
Says Betty, "Let's raise poultry,
There's room in our back lot."

"All right," said Jack, "I'm in for it,
You're idea is charming,
I always felt that I could win
Success at poultry farming.

The poultry show is on this week,
Let's take it in and find
What breed of poultry is the best,
And then we'll buy that kind."

That evening found them at the show;
They were in search of knowledge,
For poultry lore was not a part
Of what they learned in college.

There were Leghorns, brown and white,
And big Rhode Island Reds,
Speckled and Golden Polands
With pompons on their heads.

And Plymouth Rocks, both barred and white
To add to their confusion,
Black Spanish and Wyandottes,
And the Blue Andalusian.

Langshans, Buff Orpingtons and
Dainty Bantams small,
Black Minorcas and Buff Cochins
Were ranged around the hall.

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