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April 2012 Vol. 2

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April 2012
Vol. 2

The Hromas Family : I am writing in response to the April newsletter in which one of your readers talked about a hen being egg-bound. I would like to relate our own story about Fritz-Fritz, our Black Australorp, being egg-bound. My wife and I had noticed that Fritz-Fritz was acting strange and being sluggish. I had also realized that Fritz-Fritz had not layed an egg in 2 days and when I observed her sitting on one occasion, it looked as if she was straining (eyes had closed for a few seconds). In any case, we brought Fritz-Fritz inside the house and put her in our chick hutch/brooder. We put a blanket around the hutch, turned on the brooder lamp and put a pan of hot water underneath the wired floor (to provide steam). Within a couple of hours Fritz-Fritz seemed to be doing better and within a two hours after that (total of 4 hours) she passed a soft-shell egg, then seemed "right as rain."

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