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April 2012 Vol. 2

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April 2012
Vol. 2

Here are a few more shots to give you all the idea of 'free range' within my backyard which is only about ½ acre, maybe ¾ acre.

The problem isn't skunks or racoons, but trying to find their eggs! (They are completely protected come sunset and in a fully protected coop). I have one chicken, Ruby who likes much privacy and doesn't like to lay in the nest boxes like the other chickens. She will seek out a secret spot; in fact, she's the one furthest in leading them. Sunnie in Santa Cruz, CA PS Thank you so much for this wonderful newsletter.

Ten Acres Enough
How A Very Small Farm May Be Made To Keep A Very Large Family

Ten Acres Enough is a self-sufficiency classic written by Edmund Morris, and is his personal story of his journey from city businessman to farmer. In this book Edmund details the first 3 years of his 'back to the land' experience; how he selected the land, what he chose to grow, the animals he raised, planning and managing his fully stocked kitchen garden and the layout of his fields. He also passes along many tips for planting and growing his selection of fruits and vegetables as well as sharing his experiences with cows, pigs and chickens. He explains honestly what worked for him and what did not.


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