Keeping Chickens Newsletter April 2017

Love Me, Love My Chickens


When it comes to "I love you," some husbands say it with flowers. Others say it with poetry. Mine says it by building me a chicken coop. This guy is not the type to take

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Do Chickens Need Fresh Water Every Day


Linda : Is it imperative for chickens to have clear fresh water every day or can they get sick from it not being changed? In the winter time we set a heated dog water dish

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Hard To Peel Hard Boiled Eggs? – Steam Them


Allison : Hi Gina. Being new to keeping chickens I have a lot to learn. I have had two girls for around six weeks now, both are laying, one starting a week after the other.

Hard To Peel Hard Boiled Eggs? – Steam Them2017-06-13T18:52:56+00:00

Adapting to life with a Crossed Beak


Raycoy Doop : Every morning I saw this chicken drink water at the jetmatic pump. He will wait those who fetch water and drink from the remaining droplets. Now I got him on my camera

Adapting to life with a Crossed Beak2017-05-14T19:38:35+00:00

Death Defying and Prophesising – Famous Performing Chickens


Tadah! There has never been a shortage of people prepared to tell you their predictions - particularly around election time - but it doesn't happen often that a chicken gets taken seriously as a

Death Defying and Prophesising – Famous Performing Chickens2017-06-04T22:55:34+00:00

Hen with Swollen Feet


Gary : Okay, one of our hens has swollen FEET!!! it is not bumblefoot, as there is no sore (she has been well washed and searched)... BOTH feet are swollen and warm... I am on

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Beehive in the Chicken Yard


Christina : Some time back a reader said she was happy to put a beehive in her chicken yard, as this would keep the hive from getting wax moths. Well I'm sorry to inform her

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Roosters Comments


Cheves : This is Henry with a few members of his flock. He went to the vet yesterday to have a spur cut back. It had grown curving back towards his leg and actually

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