Beehive in the Chicken Yard

Christina : Some time back a reader said she was happy to put a beehive in her chicken yard, as this would keep the hive from getting wax moths. Well I’m sorry to inform her that the notion is completely false. Wax moths work 24 hours a day, whereas chickens go to roost at night. All insects can be active day or night- even the bees!

And, personally, when I ran out of room and had to install two of my hives in my chicken yard, one of my hens learned to sit at the hive entrances and fill herself up on bees. She would pick them off of the landing board. I’m sure they were high in protein, but I had to kill her before she taught other hens to do the same thing.

beehive in the chicken yard
Photo by Mark and Esther from the May 2015 Newsletter


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  1. Gina Zabukovec May 29, 2017 at 6:45 am

    Good heavens! Surely it would have been more sensible to put a simple circle of chicken wire around the hives to keep the chicken away from the landing boards. I keep my hive in with the chickens and a chicken wire fence has kept them separate for more than a year.

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