Hen with Swollen Feet

Gary : Okay, one of our hens has swollen FEET!!! it is not bumblefoot, as there is no sore (she has been well washed and searched)… BOTH feet are swollen and warm… I am on the net searching (bumblefoot is quite a popular answer), but since you are my default chicken help, I am asking you… thanks, Gary

My Reply : One thing I can think of that might make the feet look swollen is if the scales are starting to become raised, and if so that could be due to scaley leg mites. One common ‘at home’ method of treating scaly leg mites is to soak the legs and feet in warm water (and gently remove any loose debris around the scales), then soak the feet and legs in oil to smother the mites and finally wipe off excess oil and then apply a layer of vaseline – some people just apply a layer of vaseline without a pre-soak/smother. On this page http://www.bhwt.org.uk/information/external-parasites-on-chickens/ it is also mentions that Ivermectin® 1% spot on can be used. 
Chickens can also get things like gout and arthritis so those may also be possibilities.



  1. Chicken Licken May 15, 2017 at 1:27 pm

    I had a hen given to me and she arrived with leg problems, which I treated for scaly leg mite, I just put vaseline on without the washing process. It worked very well but it takes a long time (which the various websites said it would). But it seemed to start soothing immediately. You just have to keep repeating the treatment to break the reproductive cycle of the mite, by smothering the little blighters!

  2. Melina brown July 15, 2017 at 3:20 pm

    Pour on eprinex works beautifully for this. You can apply it directly to the legs where the scales are raised and it should kill all of the Mites. I would reapply in about a week in case there are any mite eggs that did not get killed. Also you should be aware that you do not always see an opening for bumble foot. Your description indicates to me that there is an infection inside the foot and that there may be an opening that you just can’t see because it is maybe pinsized. If the footpad is swollen and warm you need to soak and massage it. If you can get some Tylan 50 at tractor supply you can inject it into the footpad ultimately you may have to make a little opening and clear out all of the pus for the infection to go away.. chickens cannot throw pus off so you really have to cut it out. If you don’t the infection will travel up the leg and will make them lame and ultimately kill them. So if you are unsure you may have to get someone who is willing to do some sort of exploratory for you to see if there is pus in the foot. Scaly leg mites and bumble foot look very different. If you need help please look me up on the meet up page.

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