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Cheves : This is Henry with a few members of his flock. He went to the vet yesterday to have a spur cut back. It had grown curving back towards his leg and actually pierces his skin. The vet was able to cut it back and, although he is still limping a bit, he is very happy to be home again. He is an English Gamecock and very gentle and mindful with his girls.

Sally : I have enjoyed your newsletter for several years. I live in a community in SE Alaska. I had a lone guinea rooster for 7 years before I was able to obtain a young female 2 years ago. (Rooster “Kohout” appeared out of the woods and never left, was the only known guinea on our island for years, I never could discover who apparently dumped him…)

He lost a battle with (I think) a mink in Jan. 2017, but good rooster he was, saved his hen.

Now I have 2 rehomed hens to keep “Flicka” company. THANK-YOU:) Sally Piercy

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