First Time With Chickens

Lori : Gina, Hi! This is my first ever attempt at raising chickens. I never dreamed that I would want chickens. Back when I was a kid, my Grandma had chickens. She used them for eggs and for meat but they were never anything that I thought that I would like to have as a pet; I knew even back then that if I owned them, they would never be eaten. I just couldn’t do that.

That mindset, however, changed with a picture that I saw on Facebook of this little girl holding this huge Rooster. I had never seen a Rooster so big and thought, ‘There is no way that this can be real.’ So, I Googled it and, to my surprise, discovered that these chickens were, in fact real! I learned that they were Brahmas and that the Rooster could get up to 26″ tall and weigh as much as 18 lbs. and that the Hen could get up to 10 lb. (I never have found how tall she can get but you can tell from the pictures that she is no ways near as tall as the Rooster.) After that, on a whim, I looked up where you could buy them and I found them at Purely Poultry. Well, of course, I had to have a couple of them. I ordered five of them, all day olds; a Rooster and four Hens. I bought a Brooder and a Coop, which I don’t think is going to be big enough and may have to add on to. We’d already decided to add an additional fenced in area for them to be able to run, the little built in run just seems way too small.

brahma chicks

Anyway, my chicks are four days old, now, and, so far, seem to be doing fine. I am attaching a few pictures of them. They are starting to feather out and are the cutest little things!

When they first arrived, one of the little Hens seemed wobbly and unable to keep up with the rest of the chicks. Turned out she was just cold, thankfully, because as soon as she had warmed up she was racing around the brooder with the rest of them. She is every bit as alert and active as the others now.

rooster and 4 pullet chicks

So far, I have had to battle not being able to get my heat regulated and a case of pasty butt, which I am hoping is over with.  I am of high hopes that all five chicks survive, under my care, to adulthood. I just wanted to share my story with you. Sincerely, Lori Taylor


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  1. Margaret September 12, 2017 at 4:50 pm

    I acquired Light Brahama hens this summer. I used to have some a while ago. I just loved the rooster whose name was Scratch. I thought he was a female for the longest time because they were all suppose to be pullets. The new ones I have are so lovely and beautiful I will have to send some pictures.

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