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Did This Hen Suffer A Stroke


Mario : I have two girls who at time of writing (3rd week in June) are 8 years and 4 months old, not a bad age and still very healthy looking. They've both had a

Did This Hen Suffer A Stroke2018-07-24T20:33:39+00:00

Mother Nature and Human Cultivation Working in Harmony


Sally : Many organic farmers understand the interconnectedness of life and so they not only don't use pesticides, but they have other farming practices that also work to protect life on earth rather than defeat,

Mother Nature and Human Cultivation Working in Harmony2018-07-24T20:33:40+00:00

Chickens and Dogs


Allowing your dog to mix with your chickens is not something to take lightly. A lot rests on the early introductions and also some luck with your dogs natural temperament. A flock of chickens will

Chickens and Dogs2018-07-24T20:33:40+00:00

Chickens and Cat Food


Melissa Hello, I have a question, my chickens love cat food and I was wondering if this is okay for them to eat? We have a barn cat that moved in so we had him

Chickens and Cat Food2018-07-24T20:33:40+00:00

Chicken Coop and Run with Awning


Ley Gorrell : I've attached some photos of our chicken coop and run. We backed it up to our old tool barn, and put the same cedar siding on it (its actually privacy fencing). The

Chicken Coop and Run with Awning2018-07-24T20:33:41+00:00

Traumatized by a Predator Attack


Liz  : I wanted to comment on the folks who lost hens to predators. I am certified in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in people and was very curious to see how my

Traumatized by a Predator Attack2018-07-24T20:33:41+00:00

Chicken Nurse


I never thought I'd be a chicken nurse, but I certainly have learned a lot. I can't believe that in almost a year of chicken-rearing, I never noticed that a chicken's eyelid closes from the

Chicken Nurse2018-04-11T13:09:15+00:00

Little Reds Chicken Shed


As I write this, Little Red Harvey, my convalescing chicken, is taking an afternoon snooze in a patch of March sunlight, her beak tucked under her sparsely feathered wing. I got very sleepy watching her.

Little Reds Chicken Shed2018-04-11T13:09:15+00:00

Frostbite on Comb and Wattles


Brad : Noticed this on one of my girls comb / wattle. It is winter here (Ottawa, ON) and it could be frostbite? or do you think something more serious? An infection possibly? Are her

Frostbite on Comb and Wattles2018-04-11T13:09:15+00:00