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Chickens Are Amazing


Carol : Yesterday my step daughter graduated from high school. We had family over for a cookout, and one of the grandkids let the chickens out. I figured...well that's fine as I usually let them

Chick with Spraddle Leg


Sheila : Hi Gina! I'm having a difficult time trying to correct the spraddle leg. I have had it taped with the vet tape for a week. The pullet is 4 weeks old now. Sometimes

Peeling Hard Boiled Eggs


By Christina Raving It never fails. A person is new to keeping backyard chickens with their daily laid eggs. They love hard boiled eggs, and just know that the freshest eggs will taste so much

Chicken Diet Supplements


Rin : Happy healthy chickens! We treat our girls and two boys (who've lived together since they were chicks - they don't fight each other and actually are quite close ❤️) to diet supplements of

Rooster Talk


Graham : I had an interesting observance here recently. I usually work on the premise that whatever happens to come my way, be it detrimental or beneficial, has undoubtedly happened to thousands of others also,

Mixing Chicks of Different Ages


Carol : I have four 2 week old chicks and I'm getting two more today. Will there be a problem mixing the two in with the 2 week old chicks? I really don't care to

A Mystery and a Coop


Bill : I didn't have any luck trying to find the answer to my question on your website. Here is my situation. I have six adult chickens, about one year old, and since they have

Marking Eggs With A Lead Pencil


Aaron : I have a white Silkie. We call her Mrs fluff and the rooster Mr fluff. We have 60 chickens of all breeds ( 4 roosters and 56 hens ) 2 guineas and 2

Love Me, Love My Chickens


When it comes to "I love you," some husbands say it with flowers. Others say it with poetry. Mine says it by building me a chicken coop. This guy is not the type to take