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Method for Sexing Chicks

Ann : I enjoy reading your newsletter. I'm new at raising chicken, although my mother had chickens when I was a child. I have three buff orpingtons and

The last hen

Sarah : This is for Julie, regarding the re-homing of her one chicken "Kay". If you have to choose between company and space for your beloved

Digging Chickens

Sunnie : Hi Gina, I have some nice pictures of my girls that I'd like to share: my dog dug a hole looking for a gopher, then the

Increasing Calcium Intake

Cathy : This is a thankyou to Bernice, who responded to my question about ISA Browns and their dietary requirements. I was very interested to read this

“I blame cartoons and movies with perpetuating the myth that roosters crow only at dawn.”

Marva L. Weiglet

“Pullet parenthood is as much of an adventure as child rearing, only with more feces per pound of body weight.”

Nola Kelsey