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Love Me, Love My Chickens

When it comes to "I love you," some husbands say it with flowers. Others say it with poetry. Mine says it by building me a chicken coop. This

The Dangers Of Heat Lamps

Kristi : I've enjoyed reading your newsletter and seeing the great stories, tips, and photos your readers share. I have a tragic story that I want to share

Baby Chick Photos

Barbara : I'm sending a couple of pictures of my baby chicks, one rainbow, which I think might be a Silver Laced Wyandotte or Plymouth Rock Bar.

Tiny Eggs

Katie : Today while feeding the flock we noticed Sandy staring blankly at nothing. After a while she starting crouching like she needed to poop or lay

Elvis Chickens?

Pam : My husband was told about Elvis chickens that lay all year round. I have tried looking them up and cannot find their technical name, or anything

Moveable Chicken Coop

Steve : Attached are some photos of my peepers who are now teenagers. Also their coop which has small doors on either side to get easy access

“O Lord I pray on bended knee,
I hear the rain a-fallin,
O weatherproof our leaky roof,
And hold up our tarpaulin.”

Pam Ayres

The oldest living chicken was Muffy, a Red Quill Muffed American Game, who was 22 years old as of 2011.

Guiness World Records

Cool fruits such as water melon can help cool and refresh your chickens on a hot summers day.