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Anyone For Chicken Sexing?

George Anderson : We all have wobbly bits. Clear differences between our wobbly bits make it easy - for those interested in that sort of thing - to

The Puppy Sitting Pullet

Willie & Barbara Bell : Gina attached are shots of a pullet puppy sitting 6 Great Pyrineese puppies, she has been with them since three days old.

Steam Treatment for Egg Bound Hen

The Hromas Family : I am writing in response to the April newsletter in which one of your readers talked about a hen being egg-bound. I would like

Moveable Chicken Coop

Steve : Attached are some photos of my peepers who are now teenagers. Also their coop which has small doors on either side to get easy access

Marking Eggs With A Lead Pencil

Aaron : I have a white Silkie. We call her Mrs fluff and the rooster Mr fluff. We have 60 chickens of all breeds ( 4 roosters and

Best Friends

Alisha : My son loves our chickens! He tells me they are his best friends. I love to see them together. What a great experience for him to

“O Lord I pray on bended knee,
I hear the rain a-fallin,
O weatherproof our leaky roof,
And hold up our tarpaulin.”

Pam Ayres

The oldest living chicken was Muffy, a Red Quill Muffed American Game, who was 22 years old as of 2011.

Guiness World Records

Cool fruits such as water melon can help cool and refresh your chickens on a hot summers day.