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Lumpy – A Chick With Fused Toes

Christina : I called this chick "Lumpy" because he seemed to pop out of the egg in a hurry, and his head was misshapen. I sexed the chicks

Hen with Swollen Feet

Gary : Okay, one of our hens has swollen FEET!!! it is not bumblefoot, as there is no sore (she has been well washed and searched)... BOTH feet

Elvis Chickens?

Pam : My husband was told about Elvis chickens that lay all year round. I have tried looking them up and cannot find their technical name, or anything

“O Lord I pray on bended knee,
I hear the rain a-fallin,
O weatherproof our leaky roof,
And hold up our tarpaulin.”

Pam Ayres

The oldest living chicken was Muffy, a Red Quill Muffed American Game, who was 22 years old as of 2011.

Guiness World Records

Cool fruits such as water melon can help cool and refresh your chickens on a hot summers day.