Chickens eating the insulation from their coop

Brad : My chickens have pecked some insulation in the coop, and may have ingested some??  they are getting cabin fever ! Should we also not eat the eggs for a few weeks? I always cover over places where they peck to prevent this but sometimes they get at it before I see it. I always feed them certified organic feed.

My Reply : I’m not 100% sure about the effects of eating insulation on their eggs – it is something lots of chickens do if they can get access to it and the chickens themselves are usually fine (although obviously try not to let them keep doing it) and I am sure there will have been many people continue to eat their eggs without any adverse effects. There might be no risks at all, but when medicine that has not been lab tested specifically for chickens is prescribed by a vet they will very often recommend leaving the eggs for a couple of weeks to be on the safe side, so as there might be chemicals in the insulation it may be also wise to leave the eggs for a couple of weeks for peace of mind.


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