Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk and A Favourite Chicken Treat

Kevin & Kashia in Austin, Texas :

“One morning a juvenile, but still quite substantial red tailed hawk was perched on top of our chicken tractor. Fortunately, I had not been out to let the chickens run free in the yard yet. Since the chickens were safe in their tractor, I went and got my camera and took this photo.

When I came outside to shoo the hawk away, he did not go far, he just perched in a tree in the middle of our backyard. Eventually the hawk went away, and we’ve not had any more trouble with him.

Something fun to try with your own backyard chickens: Our chickens really, really love to eat peanuts. They go nuts for peanuts. We buy peanuts still in the shell in bulk from our local feed store, and the hens love nothing more than to gather around our feet as we shell peanuts for them.”



  1. Eugene Pavelski February 25, 2018 at 5:44 am

    I have been raising chickens both for meat and eggs for 25+ years now. This last month I picked an egg the size of which there should be a dead bird or at least a very tired one. When I cracked it there was a double yoke and a fully developed egg inside it, I heard of it but I never seen it be for. I have a picture of it also.

  2. William J. Ash February 26, 2018 at 1:18 pm

    Always a treat to receive your notes.
    W.J. Ash

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