Winter Chores

Sophie : Things have been rather snowy around here this past week. We got hit with a storm on Friday and then again on Monday and Tuesday. And today we got socked with cold temperatures, too. Gotta love winter! Just when you think she might be gone she comes back with a vengeance. The chickens are doing pretty good in this cold weather. They just hunker right down to keep their feet warm and they are good.

They do go out into the snow some. However, if they have a bit of bare ground or if it is sunny they are more likely to go out.

Since it is really, really cold (-14 with the windchill) this morning, I thought I would let you walk with me as I do chores. Normally chores are easy and enjoyable. But when winter hits they become more labor intensive and more challenging. The morning I took these pictures it was cold but not as cold as it is today.

I make sure everyone has fresh water to start with. I use mostly these little rubber bowls because the ice is easy to break out of them. I will start bringing warm water out from the house so the water stays free of ice for longer. In the winter, I have to carry the water by buckets from the house because we don’t have a hydrant in the barn. Hopefully we can remedy that this summer.

I have a few metal pans that I use and I hate them. The ice builds up and it is hard to get it out without ruining the pan. I am slowly switching everything to rubber.

Once water is taken care of I let the chickens out of the big coop. I also have a few that always roost in the barn and every morning they wait to be let into the coop. It cracks me up every morning because there is always a little traffic jam. The chickens all have big 25 lb feeders that are filled about once a week. I just check them to make sure that there is plenty to get them to the next day. And yes, I have a pullet or 2 that always lays on the floor of the coop.

They really love it when they get new straw. There are all sorts of things to eat in it! This keeps them occupied for a very long time. They also get warm water to drink. Not only is it warm but it has also been through the water softener. Nothing but the best for our girls!

This all makes for happy hens that lay more eggs than we know what to do with! This spring will bring even more eggs. I am formulating a plan as to how to sell them all!


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  1. Christina Mann March 5, 2018 at 4:57 pm

    Water softener adds salt to water. No critters, including humans should be drinking it. BTW, look on youtube for an easy and cheap way to make something to prevent ice in freezing temps.

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