Keeping Chickens Newsletter February / March 2018

Chicken Nurse


I never thought I'd be a chicken nurse, but I certainly have learned a lot. I can't believe that in almost a year of chicken-rearing, I never noticed that a chicken's eyelid closes from the

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Little Reds Chicken Shed


As I write this, Little Red Harvey, my convalescing chicken, is taking an afternoon snooze in a patch of March sunlight, her beak tucked under her sparsely feathered wing. I got very sleepy watching her.

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Frostbite on Comb and Wattles


Brad : Noticed this on one of my girls comb / wattle. It is winter here (Ottawa, ON) and it could be frostbite? or do you think something more serious? An infection possibly? Are her

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Heated Chicken Water


Christina : I don't know if Gina will be able to get this into the next publication, but there is plenty more cold weather coming down the pike before spring gets here… This is a

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Never Underestimate the Power of a Chicken


Kristin Jarvis Adams : When my son was in the third grade, he brought home a baby chick. That day Andrew, who has autism, had his first real conversation. But it wasn’t with me. It

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Constructing a Simple Chicken Wire Fence


Paul : I chose to construct a wire fence for my chickens as I thought it would be a relatively easy (though not necessarily cheap) alternative to having to dig and set posts etc. I

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