Frostbite on Comb and Wattles

Brad : Noticed this on one of my girls comb / wattle. It is winter here (Ottawa, ON) and it could be frostbite? or do you think something more serious? An infection possibly? Are her eggs still ok to eat?

My Reply : It is not something I have dealt with personally but it looks to me like it is frostbite. Usually with frostbite the tips will lighten and then go black. Often in cases of frostbite the worst affected areas will blacken and drop off completely and eventually the comb should heal up. Very often a case of frostbite will sort itself out but frostbite damage is similar to any other kind of flesh wound and so if it does become infected you will probably need antibiotics (I can’t tell from the photo if it is infected or not – usually there will be puss if there is infection). Her eggs should still be ok to eat but if you do have to give her some antibiotics in the future you probably should not eat her eggs for the time she is treated and at least two weeks after the treatment finishes (or as advised by your vet).


Photo By JoAnn Kasper


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