Heated Chicken Water

Christina : I don’t know if Gina will be able to get this into the next publication, but there is plenty more cold weather coming down the pike before spring gets here… This is a very cheap way to heat small chicken watering sources. I found this idea on YouTube.


  • ½ Cinder Block, which you get at your Discount Hardware Store. Mine cost $1.50
  • “MonkeyJack Declining Heat Basking Lamp Holder Reptile Infrared Heater Light Socket Base” $4.99 through Amazon.com
  • An electrical cord (cut from another small appliance that was broken)
  • 60 watt incandescent bulb – non-incandescent bulbs won’t provide the needed heat
  • Power strip/surge suppressor 

I used the end of a claw hammer to gouge out the channel on the bottom of the cinder block; it wasn’t hard. This channel is for the cord. Then I did a little electrical wiring of the socket base. Plugged things in and tested everything. *Note* do not set this contraption on flammable straw or wood chips.

Now when it is going to freeze, I simply set the chicken’s water on top, flip the switch, and vióla! I’ve got a freezing weather water heater for less than ten dollars. The commercial ones cost $50. Like any good farmer, I am now keeping my eye on the weather prediction.

P.S. I should add that this is just for use overnight, as I set the water back down in the morning. I’m not sure my chickens are smart enough to drink when the water is elevated!


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