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Beehive in the Chicken Yard

Christina : Some time back a reader said she was happy to put a beehive in her chicken yard, as this would keep the hive from getting wax moths. Well I'm sorry to inform her

A Method For Clearing Impacted Crops

By Nan Huffman, Wildwood, IL, USA I have a hen that gets an impacted crop every so often (3 times now in less than a year). The first time (mass was huge) resulted in

Keeping Americaunas

Jacqueline : Hi, I read with interest the statement that Americaunas only lay eggs for one year. I have raised Americaunas for 8 years and they turned out to be the best layers in

Two Eggs Laid By One Hen in One Sitting?

Ron : I enjoy all of your info about chickens. I am new at the game. I acquired 3 hens in April and they have been doing theirjob providing me with enough eggs that I

Hen with possible Ascites / Water Belly

Betty : Good Morning. I do have an issue.  I believe I may have an eggbound hen.  She is standing with her legs in an awkward position and she doesn't look good at all. I

“Our girls did us proud, they even laid one egg on the way back from the battery welfare trust . . . I never knew chickens had such personalities – ours are all different and keep us entertained with their antics.”

“Raising chickens is an addiction, with a twist…It produces and provides, not only a sense of pride and accomplishment, but also a pretty good breakfast.”
Lance Rome