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Tips for Cooling Down in Hot Weather

Cheves : Thank you for the newsletter. I've passed it on to several other people in the lowcountry. One thing some of my hens like is a shallow water dish (about 12in by 12in) in

Red Chicken House

Thanks to Jamie and Julia for these coop photos - home to 1 silkie rooster and 4 silkie hens and 2 pekin ducks!

Little Bantam Rooster

Pennie : I really love the news letters. I have learned a lot from you and other peoples posts. This is my little bantam rooster. He loves the camera. Unfortunately, the chicks I got are

Never Underestimate the Power of a Chicken

Kristin Jarvis Adams : When my son was in the third grade, he brought home a baby chick. That day Andrew, who has autism, had his first real conversation. But it wasn’t with me. It

A Bullied Hen and a Small Cut

Naomi :  My family has six chickens. One of them (Patterns) has a cut under her nail on one of her claws, it makes her limp a little but other than that she seems fine.

“Our girls did us proud, they even laid one egg on the way back from the battery welfare trust . . . I never knew chickens had such personalities – ours are all different and keep us entertained with their antics.”

“Raising chickens is an addiction, with a twist…It produces and provides, not only a sense of pride and accomplishment, but also a pretty good breakfast.”
Lance Rome