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Telling the sex of chickens

Mart : Just want to share what I heard from two different sources on telling the sex of chickens. The picking a chick up by the scruff of its neck between two fingers was

A Long Island Chicken Story

Pilar : Hi, My name is Pilar Stevens, we live on Long Island, NY and this is our chicken story. I have wanted chickens for about 3 years but hubby always promised to start working

Getting youngsters to roost

J. Johnson : I was having a problem with a new generation of 6 pullets that didn't want to get on the roost with the older hens. They kept crowding into my nest boxes and

“Our girls did us proud, they even laid one egg on the way back from the battery welfare trust . . . I never knew chickens had such personalities – ours are all different and keep us entertained with their antics.”

“Raising chickens is an addiction, with a twist…It produces and provides, not only a sense of pride and accomplishment, but also a pretty good breakfast.”
Lance Rome