Valerie Rose “Cyan in her pilgrim outfit for her homeschool Thanksgiving Party…. with Lily, the chicken.”

Sue Slack “One of the reasons I decided to raise my 4 chickens is that I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for my 4 year old granddaughter Paige. She is such a good helper and is not afraid to clean out the muck, feed and water them, collect the eggs and hold them.”

Mel Schmerler : “I am a newbie, and after studying your site and some of the links, spent the Christmas vacation building a chicken ark. I am attaching a picture. I am not a carpenter and haven’t built many things, but I was able to put this together using some pictures you provided…when it gets a little warmer, I will add the chickens.” * Please note : if a coop is not inside a secure area then normal chicken wire will not offer enough protection – galvanized hardware cloth mesh wire would be a better option.


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