Keeping Chickens Newsletter June 2017

Broody Hen adopts a baby Jackdaw


Sue : I wonder if your readers would find this interesting? We all know broody hens are amazing but this seemed exceptional to me. A baby jackdaw came down our chimney and one of

Broody Hen adopts a baby Jackdaw2017-07-15T01:08:51+00:00

Pecking Order – A Flockumentary


John : Thanks for the chicken newsletter, always interesting and informative. I thought of it again recently when I went to see a New Zealand film called : "Pecking Order", about the Chicken, Bantam

Pecking Order – A Flockumentary2017-07-15T01:08:51+00:00

A Bullied Hen and a Small Cut


Naomi :  My family has six chickens. One of them (Patterns) has a cut under her nail on one of her claws, it makes her limp a little but other than that she seems fine.

A Bullied Hen and a Small Cut2017-07-15T19:47:17+00:00

Ways To Stop Hens From Eating Their Eggs


Joan : hello, thank you for all your newsletters. I have four two year old chickens in the last few weeks they have consistently eaten eggs as soon as they lay. I have put

Ways To Stop Hens From Eating Their Eggs2017-07-15T01:08:51+00:00

Chicken / Dog Pen


Brenda : I bought a dog pen, and put it together for my chickens and the coop! 

Chicken / Dog Pen2017-07-15T01:08:51+00:00

Best Friends


Alisha : My son loves our chickens! He tells me they are his best friends. I love to see them together. What a great experience for him to grow up with such sweet little friends.

Best Friends2017-07-15T01:08:51+00:00

To Free Range or Not To Free Range


Barb : I rescued 5 chickens about a year ago and sadly, I am down to 2. All three of the chickens that I lost were due to the fact that my chickens free-range during

To Free Range or Not To Free Range2017-07-16T15:26:14+00:00