Keeping Chickens Newsletter March 2008

Tool Shed Chicken Coop


Thanks to Lisa Silver Frankel for these photos! "This past summer, our family decided to raise chickens. We built a coop and a run. We purchased, what we thought to be eight hens. A gal

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Red Chicken House


Thanks to Jamie and Julia for these coop photos - home to 1 silkie rooster and 4 silkie hens and 2 pekin ducks!

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Cottage Style Chicken Coop


Thanks to Sandie Poeschel Gonzales for these photos of her coop - "Here are a few picures of my coop, nothing but the best for my hens. All detail work is handmade!"

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Readers Reply


Hi Gina, I read the latest edition and I was quite saddened especially with the Jim Tucker story. Ever since I can remember chickens have always been in my life. As a child I would

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Gypsy Wagon Coop


Thanks to Carol Akins for these photos of her 'gypsy wagon' coop. "I built my 'Coop' last year. It's requirements was that it could be moved from the place I was building it to my

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Thanks to Isa Menzies for this detailed account of her Journey to CHOOKTOPIA :-) "After moving to a quarter-acre block in Canberra's Ainslie, I decided it was time to realise my dream of having chooks.


Subscriber Photos


Valerie Rose "My sweet back yard birds have been having a daily about 6 hour jaunt in my 14 x 25 ft garden, and after a good hoeing, they have turned over everything I hoed,

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9 Chicks Hatched – 7 are Roosters!


Keith, Jennifer, Christy and Paula McLaughlin "Last summer, my family took our trip back to my grandfather's farm in North Carolina and brought back 14 fertile eggs to set. Having no hen, we got an

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Diary of A Poultry Keeper ~March~


"The tide of eggs is steadily rising, and what are not required for breeding should, when fertile, be sold for incubating purposes. A big business is done in eggs for hatching and the price will

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