9 Chicks Hatched – 7 are Roosters!

Keith, Jennifer, Christy and Paula McLaughlin “Last summer, my family took our trip back to my grandfather’s farm in North Carolina and brought back 14 fertile eggs to set. Having no hen, we got an incubator and produced 9 out of those 14 eggs. They are Bantam and Game mixed. The only thing is that we hatched 2 hens and 7 roosters!! Can’t get many eggs that way, right?? So a church member donated 4 Rhode Island Red setters to our desperate cause and we forged on.

We returned to the family farm for New Year’s and brought back more eggs to set. This time we brought back eggs crossed between Araucana hens and a grey Bantam rooster. We also set eggs from our home flock, Rhode Island Red hens and Bantam Game mix roosters. Our second hatch bitties are now three weeks old and live in a produce crate from the local Dollar General store.

We have it in the dining room under the table where everyone checks on them through out the day. It started out as a fun project for the family but now we sell the eggs and have even inspired other families around us to use the incubator and produce their own home flock. Thanks for inspiring us and helping us with your newsletter.


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