Gypsy Wagon Coop

Thanks to Carol Akins for these photos of her ‘gypsy wagon’ coop.

“I built my ‘Coop’ last year. It’s requirements was that it could be moved from the place I was building it to my yard, then 6 months later moved as I built a new house for myself. I thought and thought about it and looked at a lot of coop plans. Then the Idea hit me. I would build a 1/2 scale gipsy wagon! Everthing is exactly half the size of the average wagon. I only started to paint the fancy stuff when the weather turned bad.

I am awaiting this spring to finish the designs on it. I would be glad to tell anyone else how I designed it. I used a lot of 2 x 2’s and 1/2 inch plywood except for the roof which is 1/4 inch plywood.

My two turkins and my cochin bantam love their home, especially the struts as outdoor perches. You see the 3 nests at one end and the feed and water at the other end inside. The base is 3ft by 6ft and the wheels are 14″ wheel barrow wheels.”


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