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Hi Gina,

I read the latest edition and I was quite saddened especially with the Jim Tucker story. Ever since I can remember chickens have always been in my life. As a child I would spend my summers at my Grandparents house and most of the time I was outside with the chickens. To understand chickens you really need to take some time to get to know them and see how fascinating they really are. I always joke and say that chickens are the only ones that thank God for another drink (If you have chickens you know what I mean how they take a gulp and then look up and say Thank you to God)

Anyway, I can go on about how chickens are great pets but what saddened me the most is that I have chickens and my area it is not zoned agriculture. You don’t know how fearful I am every time I get a new neighbor. What if they call zoning on me? I just don’t get it. A barking dog or a cat house are ok but an animal who not only gives eggs but ultimately gives their life to their master can not be kept except for out in the country.

I think that is wrong. My chickens will never know a premature death. Rather my chickens provide me with eggs, and die when they are very old of natural causes. Why have them then? Well, they are my girls. They provide me so much happiness when they hatch chicks, care for them, and even to see each of their antics. Each of them is very special to me.

I just wanted to share this with you! Great newsletter and Thanks for all the photos.

Mr.John-Elías Padilla
2nd Grade VE Classroom Teacher


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