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Valerie Rose “My sweet back yard birds have been having a daily about 6 hour jaunt in my 14 x 25 ft garden, and after a good hoeing, they have turned over everything I hoed, and eaten all the bugs, and most of the left over veggie stuff that we won’t eat… and esp appreciated is the eating of the hundreds of calendula seedlings that have popped up. I hope some survive… but if they don’t, I know they are only a note to a neighbor away. They are extremely prolific plants and I am sure some have jumped my fence.

The chickens are now producing 4 – 6 eggs every single day. I am hoping to trade my free range, happy chicken eggs for a bit of room on a neighbors huge yard plot to continue my quest to be as self sufficient as possible in my inner city living space (and grow enough tomatoes and strawberries to hold us through next winter).” 🙂


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