Tool Shed Chicken Coop

Thanks to Lisa Silver Frankel for these photos!

“This past summer, our family decided to raise chickens. We built a coop and a run. We purchased, what we thought to be eight hens. A gal in a neighboring county sold them to us. The chicks were 2 months old, except one 12 month old, when we got them. Later, two of our hens turned-out to be roosters. Since all are named, none of them will wind-up in the soup pot.

Here are a few pics of the coop we built. Note that the inside contains a ladder on one side and an array of 12″ (h) x 12″ (d) x 12″ (w) (2 x 4) cubbies on the other side. The reason why the structure is vertically oriented, roughly 4′-0″(d) x 6′-0″(w) x 7′-0″(h) is that, my husband wanted to construct it as a tool shed, just in case we proved poor chicken farmers.

I am happy to say, (knock on wood) raising chickens continues to be successful.


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