Keeping Chickens Newsletter May 2014 Vol. 1

Method for Sexing Chicks


Ann : I enjoy reading your newsletter. I'm new at raising chicken, although my mother had chickens when I was a child. I have three buff orpingtons and two black sex-links. I decided I wanted

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Introducing chicks into a house with established hens


Jacqueline : This is a response to the gal who wanted to know how/when to introduce baby chicks into a house with established hens. I have done this many times successfully. When the day

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Have a back up plan for losing power


Margaret : Any one have good back up plans for when you lose power? It's happened to us frequently so I thought I would put it out there. I finally got a battery charger so

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The last hen


Sarah : This is for Julie, regarding the re-homing of her one chicken "Kay". If you have to choose between company and space for your beloved hen you have made the right choice,

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Tiny Eggs


Katie : Today while feeding the flock we noticed Sandy staring blankly at nothing. After a while she starting crouching like she needed to poop or lay a egg. Apparently she had to lay

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Is it true Americaunas only lay for one year?


Thea : I've been raising Americauna chickens for a few years now. This winter it seems they've molted late, having had people I'd never seen come to buy my eggs. But now I can't

Is it true Americaunas only lay for one year?2017-04-02T23:43:15+00:00

Increasing Calcium Intake


Cathy : This is a thankyou to Bernice, who responded to my question about ISA Browns and their dietary requirements. I was very interested to read this reply and had not considered the idea

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Bad Banty


Nancy : Dear Gina and Readers, I could tell many stories of my hens' ability to communicate with their keeper (me) but I'd like to share one dramatic one which happened just a few

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Polish chicken with Scissor Beak


Rebecca : Hi. I wanted to know if you or any of your newsletters have any info on scissor beak. I have a six week old Polish Chicken that has a SEVERE scissor beak.

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