Tiny Eggs

Katie : Today while feeding the flock we noticed Sandy staring blankly at nothing. After a while she starting crouching like she needed to poop or lay a egg. Apparently she had to lay an egg! But this egg was like no other egg I have seen. It was a inch long a pale white, kinda transparent, had no yolk, had a very soft undeveloped shell, and was very small. Sandy had laid a egg already today so we didn’t know why this one had been laid. My guess is that it is a partly developed egg but I don’t know why she laid it!

Sandy the hen that laid the egg

Loretta : I enjoy your newsletter. I have a question for you. I have 3 adult hens that lay eggs regularly. I added 4 new chicks in February they are all getting along fine. The young girls are a about 2 ½ months old. Twice now I have found a very small egg in with the rest of the regular eggs. By small I mean 3/4″. Who is laying the small egg? Could it be the young girls or could it be one of the adult hens? We broke it open and there was no yolk.

normal and small egg next to each other

My Reply : I don’t think it could be the new ones, they sound too young. It probably is what is known as a ‘fart’ or ‘wind’ egg being laid by one of your older girls. Perhaps one has done it both times, or it could be a different hen each time. If it was done regularly by the same hen, then it may indicate an issue but it is normal for an unusual egg to be laid occasionally and is probably just that one of your hens has gotten a little out of sync with herself (which can be due to stress, age, changes in length of daylight hours etc.)


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