Keeping Chickens Newsletter May 2014 Vol. 2

M62 lorry crash involving 6800 chickens


Below is part of Emma Billington's eye witness account of the recent M62 lorry crash involving 6800 chickens on their way to slaughter. As you might imagine, due to the nature of the incident

M62 lorry crash involving 6800 chickens2017-04-02T23:43:14+00:00

Bandy Legged Chicken


Sarah : My 7 month old Australorp chicken has become very badly bandy-legged. She can move but sits after a few steps, she is still laying beautiful eggs. I paid $65 for a

Bandy Legged Chicken2018-03-20T21:33:15+00:00

Telling the sex of chickens


Mart : Just want to share what I heard from two different sources on telling the sex of chickens. The picking a chick up by the scruff of its neck between two fingers was

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Baby Chick Photos


Barbara : I'm sending a couple of pictures of my baby chicks, one rainbow, which I think might be a Silver Laced Wyandotte or Plymouth Rock Bar. Two Americaunas, one brown and one gray.

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Scissor Beak in Chickens


Sherry : For Rebecca and dealing with Scissor beak. We have a 2 year old buff orp (Buttercup) with a crossed beak. I don't think it is quite as bad as yours, but I

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Keeping Americaunas


Jacqueline : Hi, I read with interest the statement that Americaunas only lay eggs for one year. I have raised Americaunas for 8 years and they turned out to be the best layers in

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Does a chicken coop need windows?


Tony : hi I'm still in the process of finishing off the run then bring on the chickens. My coop has no windows in it is this OK?

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A pair of Belgian d’Uccle


Angela : I got 2 Belgian D'Uccle when they were tiny chicks and one turned out to be a rooster Mr Pepper, (unfortunately he had to be rehomed - as I live in the

A pair of Belgian d’Uccle2017-04-02T23:43:14+00:00