A pair of Belgian d’Uccle

Angela : I got 2 Belgian D’Uccle when they were tiny chicks and one turned out to be a rooster Mr Pepper, (unfortunately he had to be rehomed – as I live in the city and the neighbours complained). Miss salt never laid another egg after her best friend left…she missed him so much. She is the sweetest little thing, they never left each other’s side for a second. Mr P even sat with her when she used to lay her egg. He was so courteous – he would show her to the food, let her eat first, and he would adoringly watch out for her. She used to lay every other day. Now nothing. She is very spoilt. Hand raised, feed superior food, mealworms, cooked food etc. They were very spoilt, they lived together in a huge pen on their own for quite a while and only got her new roomies when Mr Pepper left. Angela from Brisbane, Australia.


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  1. Diane from Brisbane, Australia April 26, 2017 at 12:18 pm

    I was fortunate enough to get a Porcelain Belgian D’Uccle from a mixed batch of six fertile eggs I purchased to put under my broody white Silkie last spring. She is the nicest natured chicken I have ever had and has recently raised four babies of her own, two Silkies and two Pekins and has been a wonderful mother and very protective of her family. She will take on my other much larger chicken breeds and the magpies that hang around without a thought about her own safety if she feels they are a threat to her children. These children are almost as big as their Mum now at nine weeks old and she is still devoted to caring for them. Occasionally a chick will still try and get under her for warmth and comfort which doesn’t work too well now they are much bigger but it does look funny as Mum tries to cover them and chicken bits are poking out everywhere.

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