Bandy Legged Chicken

walking with legs bent outwards

Sarah : My 7 month old Australorp chicken has become very badly bandy-legged. She can move but sits after a few steps, she is still laying beautiful eggs. I paid $65 for a visit to the Vet and she said that there is nothing wrong with her, very healthy chicken, with healthy clean feet???? Clearly there IS a problem, I’m reasonably sure she is not acting. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks and greetings from Cairns, Australia. Sarah Mills and Dixie


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  1. Shirley December 6, 2017 at 8:46 pm

    I had a golden laced wyandotte hen that suddenly came down with what looks like the “bandy leg” as a pullet just before point of lay. I had always thought she may have injured herself jumping off the roost. She hobbled along like an old lady, continued to lay and didn’t seem to be in pain. I never found info on this condition but if not from an injury I’m thinking its a genetic weakness that develops as the hen puts on weight.

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