Telling the sex of chickens

Mart : Just want to share what I heard from two different sources on telling the sex of chickens.

The picking a chick up by the scruff of its neck between two fingers was different than I understood the letter in the May issue to describe it. The following is the way I understood it and so far it has worked for me in conjunction with the other method for chicks several days old.

The pullets will hang their feet.
The little cockerels will kick and try to fight.

Those that go in between I leave at the store as I am after pullets only right now and don’t want to risk one that doesn’t kick that holds it’s feet up being a cockerel.

The second method is when the tails start to show the pullet will have longer tail feathers than the cockerels, the opposite of adult birds. One friend of mine swears by the picking them up by the nap of the neck and they hang their feet that they will always be pullets. This is how she gets pullets from straight run chicks saving money as the pullet selected chicks are always more expensive. I found this helpful even in pullet run chicks as the sexing process is only 90-95% accurate. Happy sexing chicks for everyone.

baby chicken


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  1. elaine braasch August 13, 2017 at 4:52 am

    I have found also that the cockerel chicks have longer wing feathers, pullets have more rounded shorter feathers.

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