Chick with Spraddle Leg

Sheila : Hi Gina! I’m having a difficult time trying to correct the spraddle leg. I have had it taped with the vet tape for a week. The pullet is 4 weeks old now. Sometimes she sleeps on her side. She is so tired from trying to walk. This picture is when she was about a week old. We tried the bandaids for a week and she kept taking them off. Any suggestions?

My Reply : There is a page of information about many different variations of chick leg issues and some treatments which might help here :
Vitamin b is mentioned on that page several times and so is probably worth a try in addition to anything else you might be doing (if you aren’t giving it already). If no poultry vitamin/nutrient supplement is available a little Marmite or Vegemite mixed in with some scrambled egg could be one way of giving her a little vitamin b boost.


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  1. michael June 14, 2017 at 5:30 pm

    When I was a boy a kindly neighbor gave me hen with a dozen chicks. Had poultry ever since. Once had a duckling with a splayed leg, taped a match stick to it, he lived and thrived.

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