Chickens Are Amazing

Carol : Yesterday my step daughter graduated from high school. We had family over for a cookout, and one of the grandkids let the chickens out. I figured…well that’s fine as I usually let them out anyway. Here my stepson decided to bring his dog out and I even said to him, the chickens are out so the dog can’t be running loose. My stepson said, oh he’ll be ok….nope, about 5 minutes later the dog went after them.

There were feathers everywhere, the rooster lost a spur fighting, people were running, trying to catch the dog, etc. the hens all scattered and hid. My husband found one under a rhubarb plant. I found my one rooster hunkered down under a pine. We walked through the woods several times, but I did say once it quiets down they’ll come back. I have 11 chickens and had only 4 back, but the one rooster made a sound when he got by our gate and low and behold 5 hens come out of the woods. Then right before dark another hen came forth. I was still missing one hen, the one the dog attacked and I searched and searched. There was no sign of her. I figured she died somewhere in the woods.

Today, the next morning, there was still no sign of her. My husband and I went to a graduation party this evening and I made a comment as we pulled into the driveway, no gray poo poo (I call them that poo poo instead of chickens, and she’s a gray hen). We came in the house and I heard a rooster crowing. They are like watch dogs, when my husband comes home the rooster always crows too. Anyway I looked out the door and there she was standing by the fence looking in and the rooster was looking at her crowing, as if to say…let her in! We opened the gate and she waddled back in by the rest of them, (she’s a real fluffy bottomed hen). What amazed us was the fact that she was gone a whole day and survived or wasn’t eaten by a fox or a coyote, and also when she went in the run, all of the hens surrounded her and cackled as if to say, where’ve you been? Even the rooster came over by her. It was really neat to see that, how they surrounded her and talked to her and they cocked their heads. I wished I would have video taped that. Just wanted to share.



  1. Sharon June 13, 2017 at 3:45 pm

    Chickens are so smart and sweet. I just love my girls. I find the roosters have the big personalities though.

  2. Diane from Brisbane, Australia June 14, 2017 at 11:35 am

    So glad all your flock survived their ordeal, especially the grey poo poo. More evidence to me that flock members know each other and are aware if any are missing from their group or die and they get sad and mourn or are very happy to be reunited.

  3. Bj Pewitt July 19, 2017 at 2:52 pm

    What an awesome story with a great ending. I have had similar situations but the ending wasn’t as good. My Roo’s have let that same call out and all but 3 came back but one I found dead and the other two I never found. So happy to read a good story. Thanks for sharing.

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