Mixing Chicks of Different Ages

Carol : I have four 2 week old chicks and I’m getting two more today. Will there be a problem mixing the two in with the 2 week old chicks? I really don’t care to have 2 brooders going.

My Reply : When only a week or so apart they usually can be mixed without too much bother (there is potential for pecking order types of squabbles but unless blood is drawn any should pass). If there were issues and the brooder is big enough you may be able to divide it using something like hardware cloth for a few days to get them more used to each other before trying again.

Update from Carol : Thanks…I have a large box and I put cardboard between. When I got home from work the day old babies were gone! Here they snuck around the back of the cardboard and went in by the big girls! It has been so cute….the 3 week old chicks are very protective of them. Yesterday I moved them all into a smaller box so I could clean their box, of course they weren’t under a light, and the babies were snuggled under the bigger chicks. I’m glad they’ve accepted them so well. The babies watch what they do. It’s really cute.

2 week old chicks


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