Keeping Chickens Newsletter April 2012 Vol. 2

Chicken Bailout Plan


Before you jump to conclusions, let me assure you that extravagant executive bonuses will not be a concern; the Happiest Chicken CEO (fondly known as Big Mama, No Feathers or less respectfully as Mother

Digging Chickens


Sunnie : Hi Gina, I have some nice pictures of my girls that I'd like to share: my dog dug a hole looking for a gopher, then the girls came over to eat the worms!

Steam Treatment for Egg Bound Hen


The Hromas Family : I am writing in response to the April newsletter in which one of your readers talked about a hen being egg-bound. I would like to relate our own story about Fritz-Fritz,

Enjoying Watermelon as a Treat


MJ : I enjoy reading all the letters and it helps me a lot about the chickens. This is my first year to take care of chicks and I love it. I have very healthy