Digging Chickens

Sunnie : Hi Gina, I have some nice pictures of my girls that I’d like to share: my dog dug a hole looking for a gopher, then the girls came over to eat the worms! My dog is a bullmastiff and has been with these chickens since they were two days old.

Here are a few more shots to give you all the idea of ‘free range’ within my backyard which is only about ½ acre, maybe ¾ acre.

The problem isn’t skunks or racoons, but trying to find their eggs! (They are completely protected come sunset and in a fully protected coop). I have one chicken, Ruby who likes much privacy and doesn’t like to lay in the nest boxes like the other chickens. She will seek out a secret spot; in fact, she’s the one furthest in leading them. Sunnie in Santa Cruz, CA PS Thank you so much for this wonderful newsletter.


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