The Difference Moving To A Place with A2 Zoning Can Make

John : Well it finally happened!!!! After living in the suburbs all my life and having to get rid of my chickens due to zoning. I finally moved to the country!!!! The zoning on the new place is A2. Now I know what A1 means, but what is A2, so when I called and asked the zoning office can I have chickens? They indicated that I could only have 100 chickens! YES! I now have 27 various breeds 5 turkens, 2 Black Stars, 3 New Hampshires, 2 Delawares, 4 Guinea Fowl, 4 Bantamn Roosters, 2 geese and 4 mixed chickens. I am loving life!!!!! Oh I am thinking of building a pond for the geese and any ducks after all I have 73 more birds to go. Thanks for your wonderful newsletter.

Jessie : Here are two of my roosters and my rabbit and chickens.


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