Steam Treatment for Egg Bound Hen

The Hromas Family : I am writing in response to the April newsletter in which one of your readers talked about a hen being egg-bound. I would like to relate our own story about Fritz-Fritz, our Black Australorp, being egg-bound. My wife and I had noticed that Fritz-Fritz was acting strange and being sluggish. I had also realized that Fritz-Fritz had not layed an egg in 2 days and when I observed her sitting on one occasion, it looked as if she was straining (eyes had closed for a few seconds). In any case, we brought Fritz-Fritz inside the house and put her in our chick hutch/brooder. We put a blanket around the hutch, turned on the brooder lamp and put a pan of hot water underneath the wired floor (to provide steam). Within a couple of hours Fritz-Fritz seemed to be doing better and within a two hours after that (total of 4 hours) she passed a soft-shell egg, then seemed “right as rain.”

That happened back in February and since then she has been doing great, producing just about 1 egg every-day. I read that a possible cause for egg binding in backyard hens is dehydration; other causes such as poor diet, genetics, and lack of calcium are more common in “wild” flocks. I’m just happy that our “girl” is doing better! Thanks for keeping this awesome newsletter going! The Hromas Family, York, Nebraska


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