The Puppy Sitting Pullet

Willie & Barbara Bell : Gina attached are shots of a pullet puppy sitting 6 Great Pyrineese puppies, she has been with them since three days old. They are now 28 days old and was moved to a new location on the 28th December 2011.

chicken sitting on puppy

hen looking after puppies

This hen was attacked by guineas where the skin was pealed from her head. After caging her up for four days we let her out in the barn where the puppies was born. For some strange season the bitch did not go after her and she got closer and closer to the pups. At this point no other animal could go near this area, only the puppy sitter was allowed in the area. This gave the mother a well deserved break and she took advantage of it as she was always outside. She knew she had a credible sitter. The pullets food was in the cage where she would go to eat and drink.

puppy sitting pullet

When the both of them are away from the pups, she eating or drinking, the bitch outside resting, and the pups start to yap the hen would go to their aid or if we were to walk toward the stall when she is out she would rush ahead of us to protect the pups, the mother was off some where resting. See Attachments. From day 3 To day 28.

Their eyes open fully at day 20 and they start to move around more, but she is still there with them even after moving them to a new location two days ago.

day 28 - still with them

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